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I’ve Used Saw Palmetto And Nordic Hair Gro to Regrow My Hair

Nordic Hair Gro:

This bad boy right here is what really brought in the results. I’ve tried another brand prior to using this one, and it took 11 months before I threw in the towel. And that’s when I decided to give New Nordic Hair Gro a go, as it was sitting near the one I used to buy.

I used to see a worrisome number of hair follicles in my hands after using shampoo. But by the second month of continuous use, I’d only see 1-3 strands of hair. I noticed new hair start to sprout at the top of my head and around the areas where my hair had receded just after 3 months. 6 months in and I’ve had some pretty decent results that I can actually be proud of.

My Dosage:
Each box contains 60 capsules, which are meant to be taken twice a day. I take one in the morning after having breakfast, and another in the late afternoon after an early dinner.

I’m an intermittent faster, so I typically start having dinner at about 5pm. I intend to use this for a full year before stopping.

Where to buy:
You can pick this up at places like Amazon.
Alternatively, you can order online at:

Saw Palmetto:

Saw palmetto is amongst the most commonly consumed herbal supplements among men in America. Amongst its many benefits, stopping hair loss – and potentially stimulating hair growth – is the primary reason I decided to add this supplement in my quest to regrow my hair.
Hair loss can be attributed to an imbalance between testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). As we get older, the former decreases, and the latter increases. Increased DHT levels have been shown to shrink hair follicles and decrease hair production.

Saw Palmetto works by keeping testosterone and DHT balanced by preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT, therefore making it beneficial for preventing hair loss, and potentially stimulating growth.Personally  I take 450mg of saw palmetto made by Nature’s Bounty. To be honest I haven’t tried any other brand apart from this one. I got the results I wanted, so why bother changing anything?
My Dosage:
I’ve consumed 200 caps once daily before decided that the results were good enough to maintain with Nordic Hair Gro. I’ll continue to use this product for a full year (I’m 10 months in now).

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